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Kelsey Marie-Redmond Gomez, better known professionally as Kelsey Redmond, has been acting and singing since the age of five. Her pursuit of a career in the entertainment industry led to her fulfillment of a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre Arts at the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona.


After four years of participating in campus shows and tours, community theatre, student and independent films in southern Arizona, Kelsey graduated from the University of Arizona College of Fine Arts with the esteemed Bernard R. Kornhaber "Outstanding Graduating Senior" Award in Theatre Arts.


Kelsey’s professional acting career has now brought her to Southern California, where she continues to delight audiences via stage and screen. You may have seen her perform in the Hollywood Fringe Festival, infomercials, professional improv comedy shows with ImprovCity, sketch comedy shows at The Second City Hollywood, or singing in various events and cabarets. She has won several awards and is thankful for the opportunity to continue doing what she loves.


"Kelsey is my secret weapon as a director. Not only is she always on time and prepared, but she brings a positivity that is so valuable on set. She makes my job easier because she inhibits the character so well and she instinctively knows what it is that I want. I can’t recommend her enough. In fact, I would like to keep her all for myself. She is no doubt going to be a HUGE success in the industry and I can’t wait to work on many more projects with this truly talented actress." -Katrina Cebreiro, Writer/Director (Miscellanea TV, HBO Lantinx Festival, Sundance Lab Finalist)

"For my movie "A Chance Before Hell" I was looking for a unique and talented actress to play Darcy Warner. After attempting to cast this role for almost a year I was at my wits end--when Kelsey Redmond walked in. A very excellent actress that takes her work seriously and was and is

a pleasure to work with. She became Darcy Warner and our movie is much better because of her efforts and her talent." -Rick Vargas

"Working with Kelsey is always such a pleasure. Super punctual and professional, she takes direction well and gives back even more. Her work ethic, attitude and enthusiasm have contributed so much to my sets, by far one of my favorite actresses that I've ever had the pleasure of working with." -David Bornstein, Director, Producer


"Kelsey Redmond is the type of actor who doesn’t follow the motions of a character- she embodies the character. She approaches any project with a strong sense of its world and meticulously delves into all aspects of it - be it through her voice, her dress, or her movement. Working with her is always astounding, as she consistently brings forth new and exciting ideas with professionalism and, most importantly, passion." -Maegan Alexandria, Actress, Director, Author "Canvas Carvers The Death of Matilda Brew"

"Kelsey is a highly adaptable actress. She has a wide range in building different characters and is able to quickly and accurately adjust the direction to portray different personalities of characters." -Xia Hou, Director, "Wake Me Up"

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